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Commercial Driver Defense LawyerCommercial drivers have it rough. Your job is challenging in the best of circumstances. Now, the government has placed a giant target on your back. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has literally thousands of pages of what you need to conform to on a daily basis.

You face countless new laws, rules, and regulations; some of them make compliance nearly impossible for even the best drivers. Worse, police often seem to hold a grudge against truckers for the most minor of infractions.

Truckers are viewed as easy targets for several reasons. Inspections can occur for almost any reason or no reason at all. Truckers often have trouble making it to court in person because they live in another state. Towns and counties may rely heavily upon revenue from truckers. By giving tickets to non-residents, there is no political cost to the local governments. These situations and more make truckers huge targets.

Even one minor citation may cost you your job. Even if you keep your job, one or two convictions might lead to suspension of your license.

Phillip W. Goff has represented commercial drivers against thousands of charges. He stands ready to handle yours.

You need help, and you may not be aware of how bad it is. If you doubt it, consider this ridiculous law specifically against drivers with CDLs: some dismissals can be considered convictions in Texas. (Trans. Code 522.003)

Commercial Driver Defense LawyerThe verdict is clear: professional drivers desperately need legal representation when ticketed. Contact Phillip W. Goff now.

It is critical to hire an attorney who is familiar with laws affecting professional drivers. Just because an attorney is willing to take your case does not mean you should hire that attorney. Choose carefully.

Please be advised that this office is not a cut-rate, bargain basement firm. We charge more than most offices for tickets.* Free consultations are very limited. Contact us for more information.

*No guarantees can be made as to outcome of any case, no matter what the client pays. Phillip W. Goff is not certified by the
Texas Board of Legal Specialization, nor does that entity have a specialization for this area of law.

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